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How does red light therapy help animals?  Very is a SAFE, effective treatment of red and near infrared light (NIR) to help improve their health and overall wellness.  This non invasive, chemical free treatment is easy, quick and it relaxes the animals during treatment.

Today, Red Light Therapy treatment for animals is one of the fastest growing treatment modalities in veterinary services and wellness practices such as ours.

 Mainly because this treatment is well tolerated by animals, (such as dogs, cats and horses) and it is quick, simple, and safe, with few, if any side effects.  (Backed by peer reviewed clinical research).

RLT delivers an energy boost to the cells, which provides wide ranging health benefits.  Red and Infrared light can penetrate your pets tissue, muscles, tendons, and even bone area to increase blood circulation, further promoting and boosting the healing process.  Red light therapy promotes collagen production that is vital for the healing process.

Because of the way it energizes the cells, red light therapy can help with a number of health conditions in animals.  Including the following:

*Reduce Pain

*Used for chronic pain & mobility issues

*Muscle and Joint Pain

*Older Animals with pain issues, skin conditions, Weight loss, etc.


*Muscle Soreness

*Wound Care & Healing

*Improves Healing after Injuries

*Healthier Skin

*Inflammation & Swelling Reduction

*After Surgery/Speeds up Recovery

*Very effective treatment for chronic arthritis pain

*Frequently used for animal rehabilitation settings 

*Full Body Detox

Treat your animal with the all natural way of healing, that is more affordable, than going to the vet regularly, and it is much less stressful for your pets. 


Book your Pet's RLT Treatment with Stacey.  My goal is to help your animal feel better and to help them heal and perform their best.

Ask us about our at home Pain Management Devices.



To help your animal feel better the all natural way.  To help your equine perform at his or her best.

To Book Appointment: Please Call or Text 307-760-9495



 Starts at $65 (This includes a consultation and  evaluation of horse, & a 30 minute treatment) Price goes up if we work on multiple areas for longer time.


Starts at $50- For those that have been seen at least one time with evaluation, (includes a 30 minute treatment), price goes up for longer visit and multiple areas. 


Starts at $45 (This includes a consultation and evaluation, and a 20 minute treatment), longer if we do multiple areas.


Starts at $35-For those who have already been seen with evaluation, (This includes a 20 minute treatment and longer if needing for multiple areas)

(Packages available at lessor price)

*TRAVEL FEE of $10 and up 

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