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At WYO LifeStim, we strive to satisfy all our clients’ needs by providing them with comprehensive and high quality services. Each individual has unique needs, which means they each require a specific combination of activities or treatments to help them find wellness.   LightStim delivers light energy in a similar way plants absorb light energy from the sun.  Each LightStim device uses different wavelengths, or colors of light. LightStim LED Bed uses red light therapy for a non-invasive, soothing and gentle treatment that sets in motion the body’s inherent pain-relieving process.  Our LightStim Pro Panel Units are also used in the same way to work on specific pain management areas and for skin treatments.

Natural beauty enhanced


LightStim LED Bed

This soothing Full Body treatment helps promote overall wellness and peak physiological function by encouraging the body’s inherently restorative processes.

The bed is used for several things: Relieves aches and pains, relaxes sore muscles, increases blood circulation, great for your mental health, improves your skin, sleep optimization, performance and recovery, delivers oxygen and nutrients. and so much more.

If you are experiencing any of the will benefit from using our full body bed treatment and our pain management pro panel.  

Sore Back, neck, shoulder, rotator cuff, knee, ankle, post op surgeries, scars, arthritis, damaged nerves, inflammation, sleep problems, skin problems, stress, anxiety, sort like getting a massage...we've got you covered...this bed is like receiving a 40 minute touch less massage.


Our medical grade LightStim LED Bed is the FIRST LED BED to receive FDA Clearance in the USA.

Each of our LightStim LED therapy treatments come with a complementary consultation prior to treatment.  Please be sure to book this when it is your first visit with us.

*Red Light Therapy Treatments and what to wear & expect: For our relaxing full body bed treatment (during service, be comfortable in your own skin or wear a sports bra and underwear, briefs or boxers).  No underwire bras or jewelry/watches are allowed to be worn in our bed or anything that could be harmful or possibly scratch our high end acrylics.  A large towel is provided for you to lay underneath.

Feel free to bring air pods to listen to your favorite podcast or music, or (we also provide in house relaxing music).  We recommend you book at least 2 treatments so that you can see a difference, especially if coming in for pain management of any kind.

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LightStim ProPanel

  • Beauty comes from the inside out.    

  • Red Light Therapy is being incorporated with skin and face treatments to reach different layers of the skin at the same time.  After receiving a treatment your skin will receive an all natural  glow that will last for several days.

  • Anti Aging: To help reduce the visible signs of aging, firm, tighten and help promote healthy, smooth, and radiant skin at any age. 

  • Pain Management:  To help relieve pain in specific areas, increase blood circulation & deliver a soothing treatment that sets in motion the body’s inherent Regerative process.

  • Acne: To help clear acne breakouts, dry or redness of the skin, brown spots and to restore the skins healthy natural glow.

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When booking your first Red Light Therapy appointment be sure to book a 15 minute consultation immediately before your appointment.

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