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Welcome to our Wellness Spa site, we have several red light therapy services that are relaxing and pampering.  We also offer nails and pedicures.  We look forward to servicing you. 

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WYO LifeStim Wellness Spa is here to provide you with the best possible services and invites you to come in to relax in our lounge area before and after your services.  Please read about our booking policy & book your appointment below.

Cancellation Policy:

Your reservation is a special time set aside just for you. To make time for other guests and accommodate our wellness professionals, we ask that you provide us with 24 hours notice prior to your appointment for re-scheduling or canceling.  

*50% of your anticipated service or services may be charged to you in the event you fail to give us proper notice or no show for your scheduled appointment.

*Group Spa Day Bookings: When booking a party of 2 or more, we ask for a 50% deposit to secure our time with you.  This deposit money will go towards the services on the day of appointment.  If you fail to show up or do not give us proper notice, the deposit amount is non refundable.

*Wellness Spa Packages: Must be scheduled over the phone with our Wellness Coordinators.

 *LATE: Keep in mind that arriving late for a Wellness Spa service may require us to shorten the length of the treatment or service with full charges applied, so as not to inconvenience other guests.

*Red Light Therapy Treatments: For Bed Treatment, we ask that you dress in comfortable clothing, During a full body bed service, (be comfortable in your own skin or wear sports bra and underwear or briefs), the areas needing worked on must be exposed directly to the red light for proper treatment and relaxation...just like receiving a massage), we provide you with a 6 foot long towel for coverage and a pair of goggles. 

You must remove all jewelry & no underwire bras/anything on that will scratch our high dollar acrylics.  (this includes ringsor anything that will touch the acrylic on bed.

*For Pain Management (please wear/bring comfortable clothing and bring a tank top and/or shorts for proper treatment areas). *For Skin Treatments-we provide you with a wrap or robe and goggles. 

Feel free to bring Air Pods to listen to your favorite podcast or music or we provide relaxing spa music in our wellness area.

*KIDS: We are a no children zone business area.  Remember, you and our other guests are here for a relaxing service and quiet time, so unless your child is there for a service, we ask that you respect the privacy and quiet time for yourself and our other guests and not bring your children.  

Thank you and we appreciate your cooperation.

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